Group Members

Photo credit: G. Reilly

PhD Students

Jessica Palmer
• College of Science postgraduate fellow, NUI Galway
• B.Sc., NUI Galway, 2019



Liam Fitzgerald
• SFI postgraduate fellow, NUI Galway/CÚRAM
• B.Sc. (Hons), Maynooth University, 2018



Rachael McNulty
• r.mcnulty2(at)
• B.Sc. project, O’Duill group, 2019/20

David Samson
• d.samson1(at)
• B.Sc. project, O’Duill group, 2019/20

Katie Talbot
• k.talbot2(at)
• B.Sc. project, O’Duill group, 2019/20



Arann Drohan
• B.Sc. (Hons), Waterford Institute of Technology, 2018
M.Sc., O’Duill group, NUI Galway, 2019
Currently: Teva pharmaceuticals, analytical researcher

Denis Lacroix
B.Sc. Chemistry, Paul Lambin Institute, Haute Ecole Léonard De Vinci, 2016
ERASMUS M.Sc. project, O’Duill group, 2019
• Currently: M.Sc. student (chemical engineering), Meurice Institute, Brussels

Maria Moran
• B.Sc. (Hons), NUI Galway, 2019
• B.Sc. project, O’Duill group, 2018/19
• Currently: CLS, pharmaceutical and medical device analyst


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