CH202 Organic Chemistry: Properties and Reactivity of Alcohols, Aldehydes and Ketones lecture slides:
CH202_Alcohols, Aldehydes and Ketones

CH311 Organic Chemistry: Heterocyclic Chemistry lecture slides:
CH311_Heterocyclic Chemistry

CH4104 Organic & Bioorganic Chemistry: Radicals, Polymers and Supramolecular Chemistry lecture slides:
CH4104_Radicals Polymers Supramolecular Chem

CH4102 Synthesis, Organometallic and Analytical Chemistry & CH4107 Analytical and Biophysical Chemistry: Introduction to Medical Imaging lecture slides:
CH4102/CH4107_Medical Imaging

CH506 Core Skills for Chemistry Research & CH5102 Techniques and Skills for Chemistry Research: Polymer Chemistry and GPC lecture slides:
CH5102_Polymer Chemistry and GPC



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