PhD studentships available

Join our team! We have two fully-funded PhD studentships available (for UK students only, due to funding restrictions).

  • Project 1 investigates medical imaging agents for the diagnosis and treatment of bacterial infections.[1] Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that is used e.g. in cancer diagnosis and treatment monitoring. We are interested in expanding its use to bacterial infections. Tracers for this application will be designed, and isotopically labelled with fluorine and deuterium. Their application as imaging agents will be investigated in collaboration with Dr Helen Betts at the Nottingham University Hospital.
    To apply to this project by 19 April 2023, follow this link to the Nottingham CDT website and apply to the DISRUPT theme.
  • In project 2, radical precursors for atmospheric chemistry studies will be synthesised. As human emissions are reduced to Net Zero, emissions from plants – so-called biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) – will become major contributors to climate effects.[2] However, the effect of these BVOCs on the climate is not understood very well yet. In this project, we will synthesise small molecular probes to mimic BVOCs, which the Atmospheric Chemistry group under Rabi Chhantyal Pun will submit to photochemical studies to gain a better understanding of their effects on climate.
    To apply to this project, by 30 March 2023, email miriam.oduill(at) with a CV and cover letter.

To find out more about the two projects, please email miriam.oduill(at)

[1] M. G. Campbell, J. Mercier, C. Genicot, V. Gouverneur, J. M. Hooker, T. Ritter, Nature Chemistry 20179, 1.
[2] Z. Feng, X. Yuan, S. Fares, F. Loreto, P. Li, Y. Hoshika, E. Paoletti, Plant, Cell & Environment 2019, 42, 1939.